Generating new beginnings

Injured rescued animals, receive treatment allowing them to have a better chance of adoption.

If you want to save 100 dogs –just spay one!

Countless pups are born on the streets unwanted and surrounded by danger and disease. There are simply not enough homes.

Compassion is cool!

Teaching the next generation respect for life and their responsibility towards animals.

Helping pets from low income families

We receive requests from many people that cannot afford to treat their pets. These animals are loved and with our help live longer within their family.

Vaccination Programme

Offering the chance to live for so many rescued pups that are at risk of contracting a fatal disease.

Emergency Veterinary Care.

We are on call for homeless animals, day and night 365 days a year. We receive a variety of cases from hit by cars to abused or poisoned animals that need immediate care.


Our mission is to provide veterinary care to ill or injured animals that do not have a home and in this way, improving their chance of adoption. Ensuring owned animals are not abandoned or surrendered to killing shelters because the family they have been living with has no money to treat a certain condition.

About H.A.H.

Homeless Animal Hospital is a Romania Animal Rescue (R.A.R.) – Animal Spay Neuter International (A.S.N.I) project. R.A.R. was founded in California and started to help animals in Romania in 2003. We are a veterinary team whose main goal is to prevent all forms of animal abuse, injustice, pain and misery by preventing unwanted litters being born into a world that does not welcome them. We believe that prevention is much simpler than the cure. Our motto is: “If you want to save 100 dogs –just spay one!“. Shelters can be a life sentence for most of the dogs that are placed there. In many cases the so called shelters lack basic animal freedoms. There are never going to be enough homes for all of the dogs and cats that are born every day.

RAR work consists of 4 main areas:

Free of charge spay and neuter - we have performed over 35000 free sterilization surgeries.

Veterinary Training – grants for dedicated vets that want to get involved in their local communities.

Education for the future generation – 15000 educational booklets printed and offered for free to schools.

Homeless Animal Hospital - A unique project aiming to improve the quality of life for stray animals andpets.

HAH helps:

-Shelter animals

-Stray dogs and cats that are found wounded/sick by people and taken for vet care

-Pets from low income families, who continue to enjoy the company of their beloved friends.

Without our help they could be left in chronic pain if not dead. Our project helps prevents relinquishment due to health reasons that are not completely understood by human companions.

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